Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One More Place for Control

As I sit listening to what is supposed to be a "Morning News" report, I hear "Urgent, new food labels at the grocery." What follows is a 5 minute report about the "new" nutrition labels to help us make healthier choices as we shop. Are these people kidding? There is not a soul in this country that doesn't know a carrot is better for you than a cookie. The beautiful part of this country is we get to choose which one we stuff in our mouths, for now. The implications of the food police goes along with the health care issue, and the sin tax issue, and the innate desire to turn this country into a place where everyone is doing what they are told because someone else thinks they know better than you. I am not going to have someone tell me what I can and cannot think or eat. We have a Constitution that is unique in this world for a reason, we like our individuality. I don't want to live under a Communist regime in any form! Long Live Cake! Long Live Ice Cream!

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