Monday, October 19, 2009

Belated Columbus Day

As I reel from the White House's attempts at overwhelming the system,daily, I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Columbus Day! I searched high and low to find the most appropriate picture to show how excited our "citizens" are to be here celebrating the momentous day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Maine

Dear Residents of Maine,

I am extremely curious on the philosophy of your Democratic Party. Do you even have one? They must be so radically liberal you don't let them out of the state. Really, who needs Democrats when you have Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe? I thought we had it bad here in Ohio, but I see the grass is actually greener on this side of the fence, for the time being.

Yours Truly,
Ohio Conservative
Barely Represented

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Speech

As I watch the "Election Games" begin, I am dismayed by the trampling of the First Amendment. I have visited the sites of the politicians coveting my vote and e-mailed questions about their voting records or associations to known corrupt organizations. I receive nothing more than form letters and general election spin as opposed to actual answers to my inquiries. I leave comments on their blog sites about the issues and have them denied. How can you deny comments and still say you are going to defend the Constitution? I don't approve or deny comments on my blog. I don't have to agree with you, but I will defend your right to have your say. I have given information to the press about local corruption and they have sat on it and buried their heads because it has to do with illegal immigration. As soon as anyone brings this subject up, the press runs for the hills not wanting to be labeled racist. Political Correctness is killing America's ability to debate any issue because someone might be offended. I am offended every day as I watch the media pant after our President's every word and act as if it is the gospel truth. I exercise my rights and change the channel, use the newspaper to clean windows, or turn off the computer. If someone is publicly speaking, I can choose to debate them or walk away. Personal choice is a beautiful thing.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I believe I have misunderstood the Nobel prizes all these years. I was completely unaware they were 14th place trophies. I am so happy our President has had his feelings uplifted since the Olympic letdown.

And on that thought, I have to go rethink how I will encourage children to work hard and achieve high standards for themselves and those around them, seeing as there are few people they can actually look "up" to anymore.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Attention! It Is Time! Local Political Clown Races Have Begun!

As our local politics start whipping into frenzy, it is time to take a look at the people running for office. I believe it is important to know something about the person that wants to be on the school board, in the trustee seat or city council, or county commissioner.
I have watched a local school district become a national headliner (Bryant Gumbal will be doing interviews this week) because they have taken all extracurricular, i.e. sports and clubs, and busing inside the 2 mile circle away from the kids to extort a vote for more money from the parents. School districts across the country are watching to see if this tactic will work, so they can squeeze more money from their voters with such blackmail. The district has mismanaged money for more than 20 years and was never held accountable until this past year. A levy vote has been put on ballots in November 2008, May 2009, and August 2009 at a taxpayer cost of over $80,000 per election. The people stood up and said "NO" in a loud and clear voice. This has never happened before. A new improved levy is on the November ballot. As the district comes at the voters with messages of "Just listen to us, we know what is best for you because we are smarter than you" the voters are finding corruption they thought could never touch this small suburb community. Voters are looking into the people running for office and the people already entrenched in the political ring and have found links to the National Council of La Raza and ACORN through seemingly innocent "community organizations". This is not a nice term these days as more information comes out about fraud, tax evasion counseling, and embezzlement.
I have found two of the fastest ways to research local candidates are using my county auditor and clerk of courts. I found a person running for township trustee with 2 evictions in 3 year and recent speeding tickets with a different address than what he is using a residence in our township. This guy is not exactly the person I want in charge of our township tax money. I hear people say "Don't judge, it's not nice." Well, when it comes to the people who are going to represent me and make decisions for my money, I'm going to judge! Character and integrity are important now more than ever because we traded those values away when we got lazy and stopped paying attention. We have mayors and city councils across our country trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights and we let them get into office with inaction.
Let us remember the words of one of our most notable First Ladies, "Just Say No!" to the politician’s local and national that look down at voters and have forgotten the reason the office they sit in exists, to serve the voters, not to serve themselves.