Friday, October 9, 2009


I believe I have misunderstood the Nobel prizes all these years. I was completely unaware they were 14th place trophies. I am so happy our President has had his feelings uplifted since the Olympic letdown.

And on that thought, I have to go rethink how I will encourage children to work hard and achieve high standards for themselves and those around them, seeing as there are few people they can actually look "up" to anymore.


  1. Thank you for proving you're just as silly as I am by your visit. So, here I am to show you I'm just as right as you.

  2. Don't be that way. Children can always look up to... ummm... sigh ....

    I'll get back to you

  3. The Nobel Peace Pries just lost whatever remaining credibility it had. Obama has placed world peace in extreme danger. Obama’s rhetorical style of international diplomacy has only encouraged Iran and North Korea in their nuclear intents and Russia to continually demand concessions from the United States without giving anything in return. Obama turned a cold shoulder to the people of Iran and in exchange Iran is now blaming the United States for organizing the demonstrations. He supports an ousted dictator in Honduras and calls the Honduras constitutional process “unconstitutional”- apparently because he fancies that a world government for which he advocates has already replaced sovereign governments. Obama snubs the former friends of the United States including the Dali Ramah- a proponent of human rights, as he cozies up to brutal dictators and appoints anti- American radicals to his shadow government.

    The Nobel Peace Prize would be a laughing stock were it not such a tragedy. It belongs in the ranks of established organizations that use previously developed reputations as an image front to hide the fact that they have been highjacked by radicals who are diametrically opposed to the views of it’s founders upon which the former reputation of the organizations rest. We can no longer trust any entity based on past impressions. Apparently The “Nobel Peace Prize” now defines peace according to the dictates of the oppressors of human freedom. They are a disgrace. It is not Obama’s fraudulent diplomacy that is honored but the Nobel Peace Price, which has lost all honor.

  4. Hi Mrs. D! Great blog you have here. Thanks for following mine. I'm returning the love. I see we all agree that obama winning this "prize" was just so ridiculous, that whatever credibility it once had, maybe 50 years ago, is LONG gone now!

    I did a humorous post about this on my blog, but also mixed with lots of facts --- it's so awful lately, that I need to put cute video's up when I write about the decline of America...spoon full of sugar & all.
    Take care!