Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday USMC

MARINE CORPS ORDER No. 47 (Series 1921)

HEADQUARTERS U.S. MARINE CORPS Washington, November 1, 1921

The following will be read to the command on the 10th of November, 1921, and hereafter on the 10th of November of every year. Should the order not be received by the 10th of November, 1921, it will be read upon receipt.

On November 10, 1775, a Corps of Marines was created by a resolution of Continental Congress. Since that date many thousand men have borne the name "Marine". In memory of them it is fitting that we who are Marines should commemorate the birthday of our corps by calling to mind the glories of its long and illustrious history. The record of our corps is one which will bear comparison with that of the most famous military organizations in the world's history. During 90 of the 146 years of its existence the Marine Corps has been in action against the Nation's foes. From the Battle of Trenton to the Argonne, Marines have won foremost honors in war, and in the long eras of tranquility at home, generation after generation of Marines have grown gray in war in both hemispheres and in every corner of the seven seas, that our country and its citizens might enjoy peace and security. In every battle and skirmish since the birth of our corps, Marines have acquitted themselves with the greatest distinction, winning new honors on each occasion until the term "Marine" has come to signify all that is highest in military efficiency and soldierly virtue. This high name of distinction and soldierly repute we who are Marines today have received from those who preceded us in the corps. With it we have also received from them the eternal spirit which has animated our corps from generation to generation and has been the distinguishing mark of the Marines in every age. So long as that spirit continues to flourish Marines will be found equal to every emergency in the future as they have been in the past, and the men of our Nation will regard us as worthy successors to the long line of illustrious men who have served as "Soldiers of the Sea" since the founding of the Corps.

JOHN A. LEJEUNE, Major General Commandant

Healthcare In America


Monday, October 19, 2009

Belated Columbus Day

As I reel from the White House's attempts at overwhelming the system,daily, I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Columbus Day! I searched high and low to find the most appropriate picture to show how excited our "citizens" are to be here celebrating the momentous day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Maine

Dear Residents of Maine,

I am extremely curious on the philosophy of your Democratic Party. Do you even have one? They must be so radically liberal you don't let them out of the state. Really, who needs Democrats when you have Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe? I thought we had it bad here in Ohio, but I see the grass is actually greener on this side of the fence, for the time being.

Yours Truly,
Ohio Conservative
Barely Represented

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Speech

As I watch the "Election Games" begin, I am dismayed by the trampling of the First Amendment. I have visited the sites of the politicians coveting my vote and e-mailed questions about their voting records or associations to known corrupt organizations. I receive nothing more than form letters and general election spin as opposed to actual answers to my inquiries. I leave comments on their blog sites about the issues and have them denied. How can you deny comments and still say you are going to defend the Constitution? I don't approve or deny comments on my blog. I don't have to agree with you, but I will defend your right to have your say. I have given information to the press about local corruption and they have sat on it and buried their heads because it has to do with illegal immigration. As soon as anyone brings this subject up, the press runs for the hills not wanting to be labeled racist. Political Correctness is killing America's ability to debate any issue because someone might be offended. I am offended every day as I watch the media pant after our President's every word and act as if it is the gospel truth. I exercise my rights and change the channel, use the newspaper to clean windows, or turn off the computer. If someone is publicly speaking, I can choose to debate them or walk away. Personal choice is a beautiful thing.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I believe I have misunderstood the Nobel prizes all these years. I was completely unaware they were 14th place trophies. I am so happy our President has had his feelings uplifted since the Olympic letdown.

And on that thought, I have to go rethink how I will encourage children to work hard and achieve high standards for themselves and those around them, seeing as there are few people they can actually look "up" to anymore.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Attention! It Is Time! Local Political Clown Races Have Begun!

As our local politics start whipping into frenzy, it is time to take a look at the people running for office. I believe it is important to know something about the person that wants to be on the school board, in the trustee seat or city council, or county commissioner.
I have watched a local school district become a national headliner (Bryant Gumbal will be doing interviews this week) because they have taken all extracurricular, i.e. sports and clubs, and busing inside the 2 mile circle away from the kids to extort a vote for more money from the parents. School districts across the country are watching to see if this tactic will work, so they can squeeze more money from their voters with such blackmail. The district has mismanaged money for more than 20 years and was never held accountable until this past year. A levy vote has been put on ballots in November 2008, May 2009, and August 2009 at a taxpayer cost of over $80,000 per election. The people stood up and said "NO" in a loud and clear voice. This has never happened before. A new improved levy is on the November ballot. As the district comes at the voters with messages of "Just listen to us, we know what is best for you because we are smarter than you" the voters are finding corruption they thought could never touch this small suburb community. Voters are looking into the people running for office and the people already entrenched in the political ring and have found links to the National Council of La Raza and ACORN through seemingly innocent "community organizations". This is not a nice term these days as more information comes out about fraud, tax evasion counseling, and embezzlement.
I have found two of the fastest ways to research local candidates are using my county auditor and clerk of courts. I found a person running for township trustee with 2 evictions in 3 year and recent speeding tickets with a different address than what he is using a residence in our township. This guy is not exactly the person I want in charge of our township tax money. I hear people say "Don't judge, it's not nice." Well, when it comes to the people who are going to represent me and make decisions for my money, I'm going to judge! Character and integrity are important now more than ever because we traded those values away when we got lazy and stopped paying attention. We have mayors and city councils across our country trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights and we let them get into office with inaction.
Let us remember the words of one of our most notable First Ladies, "Just Say No!" to the politician’s local and national that look down at voters and have forgotten the reason the office they sit in exists, to serve the voters, not to serve themselves.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preschool Teacher Pelosi?

How embarrassing it must be to have Mrs. Pelosi speak down to the supposed adult elected Representatives in the House Chamber. I would have thought better of them, until I remembered they are politicians of who stopped thinking independently as soon as they were installed into their first elected position. For some of these people, that was long before I was even born, and I am no spring chicken. I have to wonder if she hasn't yet taught them to read the Constitution, because she doesn't want to have any discussions regarding individual rights. They might stop believing in her, unicorns, and global warming if their eyes were opened.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not For Service, For Remembrance

Let us not forget why we remember...People Died.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pulling On My Boots

My final response to the President's speech.

Just Say NO to Big Brother

Here we have a perfect example of a typical American. He has decided to "thumb his nose" at the attempts to monitor our behavior by "Big Brother". As you read the story, remember these cameras are not about public safety, instead they are only used for municipality revenue. I really enjoyed seeing this small bit of American Individuality and Innovation.,2933,548341,00.html

One More Place for Control

As I sit listening to what is supposed to be a "Morning News" report, I hear "Urgent, new food labels at the grocery." What follows is a 5 minute report about the "new" nutrition labels to help us make healthier choices as we shop. Are these people kidding? There is not a soul in this country that doesn't know a carrot is better for you than a cookie. The beautiful part of this country is we get to choose which one we stuff in our mouths, for now. The implications of the food police goes along with the health care issue, and the sin tax issue, and the innate desire to turn this country into a place where everyone is doing what they are told because someone else thinks they know better than you. I am not going to have someone tell me what I can and cannot think or eat. We have a Constitution that is unique in this world for a reason, we like our individuality. I don't want to live under a Communist regime in any form! Long Live Cake! Long Live Ice Cream!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Tis The Season of Indoctrination

As we travel through our day we will see once again the greatest symbol of "The Season of Indoctrination", the School Bus. Our children are being taught by teachers whom were indoctrinated themselves. The Communists have been in our education system for at least 4 generations. They have slowly, step by step, changed the curriculum's of the universities down to the K-12s. Civics is no longer taught in our elementary schools, Social Studies has been boiled down to "polar bears are drowning", and high school History conveniently teaches the victory of the unions over the capitalists and the righteousness of fairness, Socialism. The place to fight this is in our homes. Find the truth, educate yourself and teach your children the real history of our Constitution and our country. Help your children understand the difference between regurgitating information so they can get the grades they need and the actual truth. You may also need to remind them not to try to educate the teachers, because they might be retaliated against through the homework given and the grades given for the work. We have had direct experience of these classroom tactics in my household. We can break the cycle of indoctrination. We can teach our children to search out more than one source for the information they are fed. We can teach them once again to put on their critical thinking caps and judge the truthfulness of the education they are receiving. We are raising the next generation of voters, journalists and politicians. We don't want more of the status quo, do we?

Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Self Flagging

I graced the White House with a very nice Valentine's Day present, me. On 2/14/09 I not only posted:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
This is the shoddiest piece of work I have ever seen. One would think this was a camel (you know, a horse built by committee). To think our esteemed, educated, and elected officials have presented us (the American people) with a document which resembles a kindergarten class project, is extremely dismaying, let alone disgustingly arrogant. Do you people think we are a bunch of uneducated, unthinking, uncaring oafs? Do you think just because the Constitution of the United States isn't taught in our schools any more, we don't know what it says or what it means? Do you think speaking down to us will placate the people into submission? How dare you think a fancy, expensive and extensive college education means anything more than you can regurgitate on command. No one in our capital is showing the slightest amount of common sense. All we see out here in the real world is just how extensive the corruption really is in our political system and our government. Transparency...sure, sure, that just means "drink the Kool-aid".

I sent this to the White House site. What do you think, is it enough to put me on one of those lists? I really wanted it to be a thorn in their side, but maybe it was just a splinter. I was very happy to send it as it is public record and even if my computer or the Internet crashes, it can still be read by future generations.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Once again proof of the adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” has proven itself timeless.
Being informed has become an exercise in futility if you try to stick to one source. I found two articles on two different days from two different sources that made a giant light bulb (incandescent, of course) shine some light on a confusing maneuver by our Treasury Secretary. Let us examine the information.

First from the Wall Street Journal on August 10, 2009 –

“Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in a letter to sent to top U.S. lawmakers on Friday, asked Congress to move "as soon as possible" to increase the nation's statutory debt limit. The Treasury estimates that the $12.1 trillion current limit could be reached as soon as mid-October, Mr. Geithner wrote. "It is critically important that Congress act before the limit is reached so that citizens and investors here and around the world can remain confident that the United States will always meet its obligations," Mr. Geithner said in the letter. One issue that will need to be decided is how much of an increase is needed. Mr. Geithner didn't offer a specific figure in his letter to lawmakers. A Treasury official said Monday that the debt increase is due to the deterioration in the economy and not necessarily attributable to spending on stimulus programs or the bailout of the financial system.”

How typical of this administration to not give a definite figure of the increase needed. They just expect everyone to do as they say because they said it. Congress can lay down to that, but the American people don’t like being talked to like they are preschoolers. Our next piece of the pie comes from a financial source.

Bloomberg on August 13,2009 –

“California will stop using IOUs to pay its bills in early September, lifting a burden on businesses, taxpayers and municipalities that received $2 billion of the registered warrants instead of cash as the recession pushed the most-populous U.S. state toward insolvency. Controller John Chiang said the use of IOUs will stop on Sept. 4, pending approval by a panel of state finance officials, and the state would begin redemptions a month ahead of schedule. State Treasurer Bill Lockyer said he plans to sell $1.5 billion of notes by Aug. 28 to meet cash needs, followed by $10.5 billion of such short-term loans in mid-September. With passage of the revised budget, the premium demanded by investors has eased and officials are reviving plans for the short-term note sale -- needed to pave over temporary mismatches between spending and revenue -- that they previously said would be too costly. The controller has issued about 327,000 IOUs worth $1.95 billion since July 2. The registered warrants were set to mature in October and pay an annualized interest rate of 3.75 percent. Lockyer said he plans to borrow the $10.5 billion in mid- September. Proceeds will be used to repay the $1.5 billion initial loan. No decision has been made on what investment banks would manage the sale, treasury spokesman Tom Dresslar said.”

Now, the question presents itself.
Is the Treasury and the Federal Reserve “bailing out” California?

10.5 billion in short term loans, a sell off of 1.5 billion in notes, all of this happening in mid-September and Mr. Geithner informs us that we will reach the debt ceiling by October. There are no investors buying into this crazed California IOU economy. The one place to go is the Federal Reserve. They can keep their books closed as they monetize our debt, set the stage for hyperinflation and we slip farther and farther into an economic black hole. This administration overwhelms the system and they slide scary things by us without our being able to see them. Healthcare has been presented in such a way to get an uprising from the population that we have missed a huge economy killer step and Congress is only to happy to help the White House flush us down the tubes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

White House Bedfellows

Why is the AARP lying to its members? You have the AARP tell Fox News that they do not "endorse" the health care plans of the President, then this commercial runs on Fox this morning! They are obviously snuggled up really close to Obamacare!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did Grandma Get Scammed?

Interesting tidbits of information are starting to come out regarding the relationship between AARP and the Obama political machine. The faithful members of AARP never knew so much of their money was being filtered so quietly into the hands of the Chicago Political Mob. The President on numerous occasions over the last few weeks has spoken of the "AARP's endorsement" to his health care plan. We first heard of it in his national address of gobbledygook answers, that included a few words about Air Force jets. What in the world do jets have to do with health care? We heard no objections from the AARP on that night, nor any others until the town hall meetings began to get press coverage. When AARP representatives walked out on their own members and a Marine AARP member took over the meeting, it was apparent bitterness was brewing. Our President uses the endorsement line a few more times, AARP's phones are blowing up with membership withdrawls and all of a sudden they decide to do damage control. The problem is they made that decision too late. The money trail to Obama had been sniffed out. How could this have happened? All you have to do is read the bio of the AARP CEO, Mr. A. Barry Rand, and you can see it as plain as the nose on your face. He is and has always been an advocate for "social change". Those two words are starting to have their meaning come out of the shadows and arrogance is putting them in our faces. "Social change" means I should get a job or a promotion or a raise because I am a woman or a minority, not because of my merit. I find it to be demeaning to be recognized in my work because of my gender or color instead of my achievements on their own merit. This man, Mr. Rand, believes (just like Justice Sotomayer) it doesn't matter about your excellence of performance, just making sure everything is "fair" to "minorities". Social change has been a term over used to promote mediocre but compliant sheeple. When people surround themselves with only "yes men" they never hear the truth. The truth is "The Emperor has no clothes", and he has an army of sheeple ready to believe him and not their "lyin' eyes". Mr. Rand is part of the inside circle of the "Emporer", but doesn't want anybody to figure out that fact. If you want to make an impact on these people, you have to hit them in the wallet. Host an AARP card cutting party in your neighborhood and speak out, your voices will be heard at the voting booth.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Remember, fear can't hurt you but inaction might.

Do not stop standing up.

Do not stop speaking up.

Do not stop writing and calling.

Do not stop voting.

If we have to stop the tyranny one step at a time, we can start locally and work our way up as the elections come around. We can work together to remove the politicians that have forgotten their jobs. We can stand toe to toe with them and win. When we as individuals come together nothing can stop us from reaching our goal. We can have our country back as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. Bullies thrive on weakness and they run when faced with a united front. It is time to send the bullies packing.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Defining Moment

Let us pause and remember a moment in time that woke up a great many people. This is a subject a few had been discussing for some time, but Rick delivered the passion needed at this defining moment. We rarely get a chance to see, in person, a shift in the paradigm. We were blessed with this flash of clarity and moment of truth.

I humbly bow my head in silent reflection, then grab my "NO OBAMACARE" sign and hit the streets!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Throwing Stones

Each day of the week, Senator Tom Coburn tweets about some one's pork. I have yet to see him stand up and admit to his own digressions into the PORK realm. Earmarks are earmarks, and as much as I have enjoyed time spent in Oklahoma, I don't want to pay for a local project. The states can have my money as I pass through, not as Congress' hands pass through our federally taxed wallets.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saving Our Economy

I am taking the brilliant words of our VP Biden to heart and I will be telling everyone I meet to swipe that plastic. Don't think about trying to make the payments, the President will save you and your credit. Well, just as long as he likes you and his cronies like you and you aren't any business competition to anyone he likes. This society is all about being liked and liking everyone. Don't judge. It's not nice, just shop. Spend. Oh yes, don't forget to buy a new car from our great American (well, South American) car companies. Save our country by saving our economy by spending yourself into a well deserved bailout! Don't think, don't question, don't stop spending!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our America Once Again

Please go to this site. Read the letter and decide if it represents your thoughts. If the answer is "YES", please sign the petition.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our House

This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to the White House today:

Dear Mr. President,
Please remember you live in the People's House. Please take your feet off the desk. Please take a moment to research the history of the desk you are so casually flopping your shoe leather upon. If you don't have the time, I'm sure any one of the many White House tour guides can inform you of the rich history of the People's House. Please show respect to the constituents of this entire country by showing respect to our house. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


At what point can we convince our young people they are suffering? These are people that have grown-up in a home with sometimes three generations of family members. They don't realize these are third world living conditions. We have the globalist politicians to thank for reducing American standards of living, instead of trying to raise up the world to meet our own standards. There are more children in this country today that believe every household eats one meal a day, than there were in the 70's. We have people standing in line at food pantries that are smoking while they wait. There are children running around with cell phones, yet they have holes in their shoes. There are people who can't pay their rent, but want to dictate to a landlord how much to charge and to accept pets. When did priorities change? When did the line between "needs" and "wants" become so blurred?

Friday, May 8, 2009

School Levy Levity

I have been following the debates over a school levy in a school district that borders my own. It is one of the largest districts in the state, encompassing urban and rural areas, inner city and suburbs, old neighborhoods and new developments. This district has an amazing diversity in it's student population. One thing all the students can agree on is the fight over money is a great excuse to ditch class. They stage walk outs with the blessings of both parents and teachers. It is so encouraging to see the unity of multiculturalism working. I hope the district doesn't mind having a lower report card rating for the 2008-2009 school year than my small, rural and small town, mostly middle to lower income district. My district hasn't asked for a levy in over 10 years, and every school building in the district is less than 5 years old. Our new high school will be ready for the kids next school year. Oh, we will also have 2 million dollars more per year, in the bank, over the next 5 years. We do only have one principal and vice principal per school, I don't know how we survive with so little support staff.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicago as Usual

I have been quietly sitting back and giving our new administration a chance to "show it's stuff". What I have seen in these first months of what looks to be a very long four years, is Chicago as usual. I once read a description of the city, the politics, and the mob of the area. It seems to be as true today as when I first read it some 15 or so years ago. The summarization was Chicago was a barbaric place full of arrogant, uncivilized clods. They played at aristocracy, but didn't have the aplomb to convince anyone outside of their small domain. Once in a while, a strong personality would come forth trying to shine like the stars, aka celebrities of the day, but they would burn out quickly, showing their true colors. They usually tried to be the benevolent protector of the weak and poor, but it was always a farce to use these people to further their own personal agendas. It took some time for the people to see they were being used and actually oppressed worse than before. Some of them never figured it out and continue to applaud these charlatans, even today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect


Oh, sorry, I was just practicing my liberal chanting. I want to be in top form, in case our President comes to a town near me! I am going to have to work at this for quite a while, seeing as how I actually have self-respect. Well, I don't have a union rep keeping me on break, so back to work.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

This is the shoddiest piece of work I have ever seen. One would think this was a camel (you know, a horse built by committee). To think our esteemed, educated, and elected officials have presented us (the American people) with a document which resembles a kindergarten class project, is extremely dismaying, let alone disgustingly arrogant. Do you people think we are a bunch of uneducated, unthinking, uncaring oafs? Do you think just because the Constitution of the United States isn't taught in our schools any more, we don't know what it says or what it means? Do you think speaking down to us will placate the people into submission? How dare you think a fancy, expensive and extensive college education means anything more than you can regurgitate on command. No one in our capital is showing the slightest amount of common sense. All we see out here in the real world is just how extensive the corruption really is in our political system and our government. Transparency...sure, sure, that just means "drink the Kool-aid".

Where have all the Conservatives gone?

I listened to the Republican Party's new Chairman, Michael Steele, give an interview yesterday. The one thing that struck me as most outstanding was how quickly he kicked the last vestiges of his conservative voter base to the curb. He was the most moderate, or as we are using these days, centrist candidate for the job. His words were, and I quote, "We need to go to the streets to get people to our party." HELLO, conservatives (the original voter base of the RNC) are not in the streets. They are at work, at home raising their children, paying their bills, holding the fabric of this country together...etc. This guy wants to compete with the Democrats for the same people. Peggy the Moocher, watch out, you are about to be wooed. Are you ready to live and defend the Constitution? Oh, wait, the RNC doesn't stand for that any more. Are you ready to reject big government? Oh, wait, the RNC doesn't stand for that any more, either. Wow, I'm not really sure what "song and dance" or "dog and pony" you are going to see, but I am sure it is going to be a whopper.

The one thing I was hoping to hear never came up in the interview. Why have Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter not been tossed into the street. They should be removed from the RNC and every dime they have EVER received for campaigning from the RNC should be reimbursed. The moment they decided to vote for a bill that our great-great-great grandchildren will still be paying for, they should have been, at least figuratively, tarred and feathered.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twilight Politics

Once again, just like the other bail-outs, Washington Insiders (Elected Officials, interchangeable terms) are bargaining behind closed doors for the weekend. They are letting the media feed us smoke and mirrors, by reporting "bickering and unrest" and alternative stimulus bills. Alternative bills? Can they possibly mean alternative pork and earmarks? Can they mean alternative ways of ignoring the American people? We tell them we want responsible leadership, and all they can come up with is people who can't remember to pay their taxes or that they have a housekeeper or a driver? I don't know about anyone else, but if I wasn't having to clean the bathroom or fight traffic, I would remember it, distinctly.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Tell me again why a college degree is so expensive. Does it have anything to do with a rowing team wanting a new 5.5 million dollar boathouse in the middle of Cowtown, Ohio? What exactly does the rowing team bring to the community? This is the first I have heard of them, and I have lived here for a while. I have not seen any sportswear associated with the rowing teams, though plenty of Buckeyewear is available in any store, in a hundred mile radius, at least. Do they have such an exclusive following, no one can actually point out one of their fans? I am so confused, aren't you?