Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Self Flagging

I graced the White House with a very nice Valentine's Day present, me. On 2/14/09 I not only posted:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
This is the shoddiest piece of work I have ever seen. One would think this was a camel (you know, a horse built by committee). To think our esteemed, educated, and elected officials have presented us (the American people) with a document which resembles a kindergarten class project, is extremely dismaying, let alone disgustingly arrogant. Do you people think we are a bunch of uneducated, unthinking, uncaring oafs? Do you think just because the Constitution of the United States isn't taught in our schools any more, we don't know what it says or what it means? Do you think speaking down to us will placate the people into submission? How dare you think a fancy, expensive and extensive college education means anything more than you can regurgitate on command. No one in our capital is showing the slightest amount of common sense. All we see out here in the real world is just how extensive the corruption really is in our political system and our government. Transparency...sure, sure, that just means "drink the Kool-aid".

I sent this to the White House site. What do you think, is it enough to put me on one of those lists? I really wanted it to be a thorn in their side, but maybe it was just a splinter. I was very happy to send it as it is public record and even if my computer or the Internet crashes, it can still be read by future generations.


  1. What a good present to send them. You're doubtless on a list somewhere. Send more.

  2. Surely you are on a list. Perhaps even a list at the WhiteHouse. You are definitely on my list of those who communicates clearly and boldly what needs to be heard. Yours is a list of encouragement an Amercainism. Lists like these cannot be maintained on paper but rather are etched into the hearts, minds, and spirits of those whom hear you.
    Thank you.