Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did Grandma Get Scammed?

Interesting tidbits of information are starting to come out regarding the relationship between AARP and the Obama political machine. The faithful members of AARP never knew so much of their money was being filtered so quietly into the hands of the Chicago Political Mob. The President on numerous occasions over the last few weeks has spoken of the "AARP's endorsement" to his health care plan. We first heard of it in his national address of gobbledygook answers, that included a few words about Air Force jets. What in the world do jets have to do with health care? We heard no objections from the AARP on that night, nor any others until the town hall meetings began to get press coverage. When AARP representatives walked out on their own members and a Marine AARP member took over the meeting, it was apparent bitterness was brewing. Our President uses the endorsement line a few more times, AARP's phones are blowing up with membership withdrawls and all of a sudden they decide to do damage control. The problem is they made that decision too late. The money trail to Obama had been sniffed out. How could this have happened? All you have to do is read the bio of the AARP CEO, Mr. A. Barry Rand, and you can see it as plain as the nose on your face. He is and has always been an advocate for "social change". Those two words are starting to have their meaning come out of the shadows and arrogance is putting them in our faces. "Social change" means I should get a job or a promotion or a raise because I am a woman or a minority, not because of my merit. I find it to be demeaning to be recognized in my work because of my gender or color instead of my achievements on their own merit. This man, Mr. Rand, believes (just like Justice Sotomayer) it doesn't matter about your excellence of performance, just making sure everything is "fair" to "minorities". Social change has been a term over used to promote mediocre but compliant sheeple. When people surround themselves with only "yes men" they never hear the truth. The truth is "The Emperor has no clothes", and he has an army of sheeple ready to believe him and not their "lyin' eyes". Mr. Rand is part of the inside circle of the "Emporer", but doesn't want anybody to figure out that fact. If you want to make an impact on these people, you have to hit them in the wallet. Host an AARP card cutting party in your neighborhood and speak out, your voices will be heard at the voting booth.


  1. I was surprised when I first heard of the AARP endorsement of the ObamaCare Bill. I mean, steers don't endorse meatpackers.

    AARP was completely co-opted by the new ObamaNation and it subtly is trying to bend the will of the elderly through an organization they trusted.

    The fair analogy would be to invite wealthy Jews in Nazi Germany to join the Nazi Party for the sake of safety. It ends up by you getting shot in the head instead of gassed.

  2. These Communist have been busy for awhile! Fight the good fight for freedom Comrades!