Thursday, August 13, 2009

White House Bedfellows

Why is the AARP lying to its members? You have the AARP tell Fox News that they do not "endorse" the health care plans of the President, then this commercial runs on Fox this morning! They are obviously snuggled up really close to Obamacare!


  1. AARP is trying to play it both ways now. So many have called and cancelled their memberships that now AARP is rethinking their words.

    The Whitehouse loves to snuggle. Soon they will be snuggling with everyone. Won't that be fun?

  2. When the Obama says that AARP supports his socialized health care, I can honestly believe he isn't of the few times I can say that.

    Also,take notice all the vehicles are union owned and built...not a single foreign car. Just a little something I noticed.

    It once again proves that AARP is nothing short of a union own retirement group, and doesn't represent much other than that.