Saturday, August 8, 2009


Remember, fear can't hurt you but inaction might.

Do not stop standing up.

Do not stop speaking up.

Do not stop writing and calling.

Do not stop voting.

If we have to stop the tyranny one step at a time, we can start locally and work our way up as the elections come around. We can work together to remove the politicians that have forgotten their jobs. We can stand toe to toe with them and win. When we as individuals come together nothing can stop us from reaching our goal. We can have our country back as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. Bullies thrive on weakness and they run when faced with a united front. It is time to send the bullies packing.


  1. Its amazing how this Administration has awakened the silent majority

  2. Two hundred years ago they were just a bunch of farmers and businessmen that wanted to be left alone to make a better life. We come together when times demand it. It is a sad state of affairs for our country, if we are mobilizing.

  3. With today's population, I'm afraid, GGFS, that they'll just as quickly be lulled back to sleep.

  4. I sent in a video and email to them,thus flagging myself....again. I am sure the BATFE have a file on me somewhere. Seeing that I buy 1000 rounds every two months, being prior military, and very out spoken about the 2nd Amendment.