Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicago as Usual

I have been quietly sitting back and giving our new administration a chance to "show it's stuff". What I have seen in these first months of what looks to be a very long four years, is Chicago as usual. I once read a description of the city, the politics, and the mob of the area. It seems to be as true today as when I first read it some 15 or so years ago. The summarization was Chicago was a barbaric place full of arrogant, uncivilized clods. They played at aristocracy, but didn't have the aplomb to convince anyone outside of their small domain. Once in a while, a strong personality would come forth trying to shine like the stars, aka celebrities of the day, but they would burn out quickly, showing their true colors. They usually tried to be the benevolent protector of the weak and poor, but it was always a farce to use these people to further their own personal agendas. It took some time for the people to see they were being used and actually oppressed worse than before. Some of them never figured it out and continue to applaud these charlatans, even today.

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