Monday, October 19, 2009

Belated Columbus Day

As I reel from the White House's attempts at overwhelming the system,daily, I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Columbus Day! I searched high and low to find the most appropriate picture to show how excited our "citizens" are to be here celebrating the momentous day!


  1. I'm guessing the guy in this photo didn't have a Columbus Day barbecue. ;-)

  2. Quick and to the point, Mrs. D. I didn't miss that jerk at my barbecue.

  3. Very Funny! That brought a smile :)

  4. Everyone knows Columbus Day is just a 'has been'! It's so sad, back when I was a kid we even got out of school for it! ;-)

  5. I recall back during my brief foray into institutionalized higher learning at the University of Maine, Incorporated, they were going to be closed on Coloumbus Day but open on Veteran's Day. I told my professors I wanted to swap the days and they were aghast, as Liberals are wont. But Steve, why do you want to do that? I replied that Veteran's Day was my earned holiday and that Columbus didn't do anything for me.

    But...but... he discovered America...
    They got all butt hurt at my retort:

    No, he didn't. He was a broke dude with a get rich scheme who conned a queen into pawning her jewels to finance 3 rickety sailboats on a quickie route to fast money. He landed on Hispaniola, not in America. Like any ignorant, arrogant & cocky Eurotrash he assumed the locals were Indians because this had to be India, right? The guy with the guns (or swords) makes the rules so you people are Indians.

    Here's a hint: if there are already people there, you didn't "discover" squat. Unless it's discovered by white Europeans, it doesn't exist.

    Look at all the great boons to the natives we brought: ravenous setttlers to steal their land, rapacious hunters to exterminate the game often for mere sport (mmm, buffalo...tastes like chicken...), wondrous social diseases like syphillis, and religion to be used as a weapon to destroy the native beliefs and to forcibly Europeanize the locals.

    Needless to say, I took Veteran's Day off and none of them said boo.