Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where is our decency?

Why are we reading about these stranded travelers going broke? Where is our decency and sense of charity? How much effort would it take for New Yorker's to give a stranded traveler a couch to sleep on and a meal? Why are our clergy and congregations not reaching out to shelter these people? How can we just leave people to live in an airport? No one likes to have a long layover, let alone have to sleep on the floor with your luggage for days. I am saddened to see how far we have moved from the foundations of our country. We have always been known for our charitable nature. We have always been the first to send help in a crisis no matter where in the world it is needed, yet here we sit waiting for the government to set up some kind of "tent city" for these people who came to our land to vacation, visit family, do business, etc. I am ashamed by the inaction of my fellow countrymen.


  1. So, this is why you needed to laugh. It's New York, need we say any more. You are right, the Salvation Army or someone should be organizing something for them. I'll bet though, a lot of them are too afraid to leave the airport. They don't want to miss a chance to get home ... Welcome Back !

  2. Well, now that I have found it, there is no way that I am letting this blog escape! Keep it up!

  3. An incredible observation of the deterioration of our Americanism. We have ceased to be humane and have lost our way. I myself and convicted by your words. I must do better.